Every year car loans become more popular among Estonian residents. This is very easy to explain – if the vehicle that is suitable for collateral is the borrower’s ability to obtain the required loan amount significantly better. At the same time, the borrower is free to continue using the car without restrictions.

Loan products, such as a loan with a car collateral, are issued by credit institutions under the most varied conditions. If you make a business choice ill-considered, you run the risk of experiencing serious financial problems and paying a lot for such a loan.

In order not to risk, you should trust a company that is considered to be one of the leaders in this market segment.


Why Take a Car Secured Loan – Is It Helpful?

Why Take a Car Secured Loan - Is It Helpful?

It is worth noting that this credit institution is far from being a beginner, the company offers high quality loan services since 2013. The company has all the necessary licenses to issue loans and is rightly considered to be one of the leading lenders in the country, especially with regard to auto-collateral loans.

This credit organization successfully serves both legal clients and private individuals, trying to provide every customer with the best possible cooperation. The company examines each loan application individually, trying to offer the client the best conditions for it.

Applying for a loan with a car collateral is very quick and easy; At the same time, the lender will receive an individual offer within 30 minutes. The customer can sign the contract either electronically or by contacting the company’s representative offices in Tartu, Pärnu or Tallinn.

A loan service called ” auto-secured loan ” does not mean that this loan is secured only by a normal car. One of the advantages of this company is the opportunity to offer passenger cars, trucks as well as motorcycles, scooters, boats, tractors and other vehicles as collateral.

The second advantage of the company is the quick response to loan applications, so the customer can get the loan back on the same day with the collateral. However, you do not have to sign a contract or order a car evaluation.

Of course, all of the company’s customers can count on the support of credit specialists and individual approach.

Car collateral loan terms

Car collateral loan terms

You’ve probably already realized that co-operation with s is the right thing to do;

As we said earlier, any vehicle can be a collateral, not just a car. At the same time, an important advantage of the Company is the ability to offer a loan amounting to 100% of the total market value of the car.

The maximum loan amount a customer can charge is 10,000 euros , the minimum loan amount is only 500 euros.

The loan has a maturity of 6 to 84 months. In this case, the customer does not have to calculate the interest paid.

Just choosing the required loan and its term on the company’s website, after which the system calculates the approximate monthly payment and the customer can get a payment schedule to help him understand the monthly payment.


With ga you get a loan of just 500 to 10,000 euros, with a maturity of up to 7 years. Apply now.

Auto collateral loan application process

The process of issuing a loan with a car guarantee is very simple and consists of four steps:

  1. The customer submits a loan application.
  2. The company’s credit specialists will review this request to assess what conditions they can offer to the customer and then contact the customer.
  3. The client decides whether the conditions offered by the company are suitable for him or her. In the case of a positive decision, he signs the contract and formalizes his vehicle in the name of .
  4. If the previous steps have been successfully completed, the customer will receive the money on his own account and will repay the loan monthly on a monthly basis. At the same time, it can use its cars for its intended purpose and without restrictions throughout the loan period.

Regarding the requirements for the company’s clients to obtain a successful car loan loan, the client must be a citizen of the Republic of Estonia or have a permanent residence permit, must be 18 years of age and must have a permanent source of income. In addition, the credit history of the loan applicant is also important. It would be better if there were no violations.

In general, it is worth noting that allows its customers to become a car owner or take a loan with a vehicle under very favorable terms, which is much more profitable than other companies. As for the lender’s reputation, it is impeccable. The company has been operating since 2013 and has received a lot of positive feedback from already existing customers.