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Loan for the self-employed

The loan for self-employed or freelancers helps especially young entrepreneurs in the start-up phase, as these have increased demand for a loan especially then. Depending on the disposition credit on the company account (for the current business transactions) capital is needed for the one-time expenses of starting up a business. If the savings are insufficient, the remaining needs must be financed with debt capital. Banks and savings banks, according to experience, find it difficult to grant a loan to the self-employed. Self-employed persons or freelancers miss the necessary creditworthiness, which they have to prove with figures from the income surplus invoice and the tax assessment in order to obtain a loan. In the first one to two years, self-employed persons of the bank can usually not provide this evidence, because they are not available. Nevertheless, loans for the self-employed are urgently needed.

Credit from private to private

Credit from private to private

The term “peer to peer lending”, P2P for short, comes from English and means in English “money (or credit) borrow from person to person”. This expresses that the lender is a private individual and not a credit institution. The money for the loan is provided by private investors and lent by them to private borrowers. One such option is the P2P lending platform. Private investors can invest in the private credit marketplace and can help self-employed or freelancers with the loan from private to private . Borrowers have the option to choose a loan amount between 1000 and 50,000 euros, as well as the term, which can extend up to five years. Investors have prospects of profitable returns averaging 5.0% by investing in various projects.

Requirements for the loan for the self-employed

Requirements for the loan for the self-employed

Requirements for the loan for the self-employed

The credit check on the P2P credit platform is based on different criteria than the one with the banks and savings banks. The self-employed introduce their company here and justify their borrowing needs in such a way that the greatest possible interest of the investors is awakened. Among the personal requirements for a loan for self-employed include

  • the legal capacity
  • the permanent residence in Germany
  • the checking account at a German bank
  • an age between eighteen and seventy years

Obstacles are among others

  • an ongoing consumer or corporate bankruptcy procedure
  • an arrest warrant
  • the affidavit
  • open titled claims

With a self-employed loan, lenders on the P2P lending platform also aim to help freelancers finance their business idea and innovation. A loan without Schufa , or a moderate Schufa entry, is therefore not uncommon and brings above all advantages for self-employed or freelancers.

Credit processing

Compared to credit institutions, the credit for self-employed in the credit marketplace of should be presented as attractively as possible in order to attract the interest of the investors. Registration on the online credit marketplace is free of charge for the loan seeker. For a successful loan brokerage, a one-off fee of just under three percent of the loan amount is due for self-employed.

The online credit marketplace is thus an appropriate way to start your own business idea. In no time, you have the chance to get a loan to promote your business financially.